Member Portal

Uplyft programs have a customisable webpage where members can engage with the program

Uplyft program member portals are publicly accessible at, e.g. It serves the following purposes:

  • Introduce the program to members through customisable branded content.

  • Allow new members to enroll in the program.

  • Display partners as links to their branded page listing their respective campaigns.

  • Display campaigns on branded pages created in My Uplyft.

  • Allow members to log in via a magic link to see their current balance and their last transactions

  • Displays user balance and transaction history on the landing page, when user is logged in.

  • Display branded pages for business accounts.


Pages show business account-specific content that can be defined in My Uplyft. They have a unique URL which is generated using the business account name.


Campaigns can be created and managed in My Uplyft. After creating them, they will appear in the campaigns list on the Member Portal. The user can click on them to get more information.

Campaign Objectives

There are three types of campaign objectives:

  • Lead – Campaigns that contain a URL to an external resource.

  • Voucher – Campaigns that contain a voucher input field.

  • Coupon – Campaigns that lets the member purchase a coupon code.

  • Merchandise – Members can purchase a tangible reward, with a required shipping address.

All objective types allow to customize the message that is shown to the user (either as the link text or as the submit button label).

Which type a campaign has is set during campaign creation in in the Campaigns view.

Business Account Creation

Business accounts can be created and managed in All available loyalty programs also have a branded enrollment page for creating business accounts at, e.g.