Customer Service

This plugin allows you to reward your customers individually. Use it in your customer service strategy or at your point of sale.

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Step 1: Define who is rewarded with what

The core of this plugin is to manually reward your customers. In order to achieve this, you need to define who gets how much.

  • Amount the customer will receive (e.g. 100)

  • Alias of your customer (e.g. 3104786723410987)

If your station is equipped with a card reader, you can even swipe your customers loyalty cards, in order to speed up the process at a point of sale.

Step 2: Define tracking

In order to gather valuable data about your customers, you add tracking information to every event that you reward through this plugin.

  • Business Value of the event (e.g. 99,99€ for a hotel visit)

  • Action that the customer is rewarded for (e.g. book)

Optionally you can add entire tracking objects consisting of:

  • Object type, that defines what kind of object was part of the event (e.g. room)

  • Object name, that is a human readable identifier (e.g. double bedroom)

  • Object ID, that is a unique ID (e.g. 8976238)

Step 3: User facing message (optional)

This message may be displayed in a transactional context (e.g. a transaction history on a client). If this field is not filled, the app name will be sent in the event by default.

Step 4: Select an app

Select an app, that you want to use to book the events. You can also set a default app in the settings of the plugin, so that you only need to do this step once.

Step 5: Success & Errors

After clicking Reward, you will see a success or error message.