Stadtviertel Helden / Support Our Sport

Two programs that enables customers/members to help local businesses/sport clubs during the corona crisis.


Business accounts created for these programs are connected to a Stripe account at stripe. It is assigned during the creation. The Stripe account id is stored as an additional custom property and can be retrieved along with the rest of the metadata.

Business metadata

Business accounts also contain additional information about the business such as address, phone number, business category etc.

This information has to be defined during the business account creation and can later be edited in the business account settings.

Coupon campaigns

Creating a Stadtviertel Helden / Support Our Sport business account also triggers the creation of predefined coupon campaigns with associated coupon code lists. This is to speed up the onboarding for merchants / clubs. Additionally, a default app is automatically created, named after the program.

API access

Business accounts can be retrieved using the Marketing API.