Test your integration

We make it easy for your to test your integration before you launch it. So that developers and product managers can be sure everything works as expected.

Step 1: Sending test events

After you decided which data you want to track in your product and send via events to the Uplyft platform, you can verify if you did everything correctly by sending test events. In order to send a test event, you simply use the test secret, that you find in the app settings, to authorize on the Uplyft API.

  • Test secret: Using test secrets when creating events will not result in a transaction, events will not be billed and they will not affect your analytics.

  • Production secret: Using production secrets when creating events will result in a transaction, events will be billed and they will affect your analytics.

Step 2: Validating test events in Uplyft

Once you sent test events via the API and got a successful (200) response, your product manager can validate the events in the Uplyft Platform.

To do so, open the events section and switch the toggle from "viewing live data" to "viewing test data". The events that you will see now, are the events that were sent with a test secret.

You can now validate if the structure is according to your internal requirements and you are happy with the result. If so, you can just replace the test secret with the production secret where ever you integrated the API in your product and start sending live events.