Uplyft Graph API

This is a brief introduction for product managers and developers about the Uplyft Graph API.


This document was written for product managers and developers as an integration guide for the Uplyft Graph API.

Our mission is to make integrating Uplyft as easy as possible for you. Please feel free to contact us for further questions and feedback on this setup guide via support@uplyft.com.

About Uplyft and Events

Uplyft is the first open loyalty platform that helps businesses to easily connect, reward and engage users across multiple loyalty networks, currencies and applications.

The baseline for any loyalty program are customer events e.g. a customer purchases a product in a shop or a customer visits an event or ordering a service. The Uplyft Graph API provides a simple, secure and lean interface to send events to the Uplyft platform. To learn more about GraphQL visit the official GraphQL project page here.

About Uplyft Graph API

In order to send events from within your product, you'll need to integrate the Uplyft Graph API. This enables you to reward your customers or simply track their behaviour. To get access to the Uplyft Graph API, you need to create an app on your Uplyft Platform account, so that you can authorise on the API.