Uplyft Developers Wiki

This is the official page for resources related to the Uplyft open loyalty platform. It focuses on the integration of the Uplyft Graph API to connect, reward and engage customers.

Open Loyalty Platform

Uplyft helps businesses to launch and integrate customer loyalty programs to uplift their revenue and retention. We provide an easy to integrate API and a wide variety of plugins to develop, launch and manage successful loyalty programs.

Uplyft is build for developers and loyalty marketers alike.

For Developers

Our Uplyft Graph API was designed to provide a secure and easy to integrate process to pass customer events to the Uplyft platform. The Uplyft business account provides a self-service platform for authorization and debugging of your loyalty integrations. We provide a standardized format which is simple yet flexibel for any application.

For Marketers

Once customer events are passed to the Uplyft platform, your business account provides you features and plugins to setup and run your loyalty program and integrations. Especially for businesses running multiple loyalty programs at the same time, Uplyft helps to drastically reduce the operational overhead.

Our Vision and Mission

It is our mission to help businesses increase their revenue and retention by providing the platform, features and plugins for simply and successful customer loyalty management.

It is our vision to enable stronger business-to-customer relationships through successful customer loyalty programs.

In order to achieve these goals, we need your help in optimizing our platform, processes and documentation. So please feel free to contact us at any time through your account manager or support@uplyft.com.